Genesis 1.1 - Retaliation

Welcome to the new cyclical structure of patches. Today we will be releasing Genesis 1.1 - Retaliation Alpha. Going forward Genesis will receive major patch iterations in cycles, which will also mark the progression of storyline cycles and the global narrative.

Without further ado, we present to you patch 1.1 Alpha.


  • The existing β€˜job’ system as it previously existed has been removed. We felt this was far too restrictive of what you could do both in storyline, as a game mechanic, and it generally was non-immersive and not fulfilling.
  • All previous forms of experience (Hacking Experience, Heist Experience, Drug Experience, etc) have been combined into normal experience, and individual levels of skill sets and jobs have been combined into your total character level.
  • Absolutely no experience will be lost from the old system, to the new system. You will directly gain all of the experience you previously had as androgynous grey experience toward your character level upon first login.
  • Progression is now composed of gaining experience (from all tasks) which lead to gaining levels. Gaining a level grants you more Health, core stats, and build points.
  • Spend build points at shops throughout the world, or organization shops to learn skills and abilities.
  • Gaining a level with an awarded RP (Role Play) Point will grant a substantial bonus to your health and build point gains.
  • Gaining a level while under the influence of Deity Favor will grant a substantial bonus to your health and build point gains.
  • Gaining a level while your organization has the org luck will grant a substantial bonus to your health and build point gains.
  • Gaining a level while your organization controls the triple crown of holdouts will grant a substantial bonus to your health and build point gains.

New Skills

  • Pistol Use

  • Shotgun Use

  • SMG Use

  • Assault Rifle Use

  • LMG Use

  • Heavy Weapon Use

  • Sniper Rifle Use

  • Thrown Weapon Use

  • Magic Weapon Use
    – Grants access to above mentioned weapon type, and a bonus per level to damage, recoil and accuracy.

  • Physical Training
    – Grants a bonus to health gained per level. (This is a very, very important skill.)

  • Stamina
    – Grants a bonus to maximum stamina and stamina consumption.

  • Toughness
    – Grants a bonus to damage mitigation and resistances.

  • Metabolism
    – Grants a bonus to food and water drain, as well as gains from eating and drinking.

  • Car Theft
    – Allows you to steal cars and perform chop missions.

  • Hotwiring
    – Reduces the time it takes to hot wire a vehicle and increases odds of success.

  • Slimjimming
    – Reduces the time it takes to slim jim a vehicle and increases odds of success.

  • Drug Dealing
    – Increases your profit for sale of drugs. Prerequisite skill for Weed Connections, Meth Connections, Heroin Connections, Cocaine Connections, Exotic Connections.

  • Weed Connections

  • Meth Connections

  • Heroin Connections

  • Cocaine Connections

  • Exotic Connections
    – Allows you to sell the above mentioned type of drugs, and provides a bonus per level to profit.

  • Drug Production
    – Increases the yield of your drug production per level. Prerequisite skill for Weed Processing, Meth Cooking, Heroin Synthesis, Cocaine Extraction and Advanced Chemistry.

  • Weed Processing

  • Meth Cooking

  • Heroin Synthesis

  • Cocaine Extraction

  • Advanced Chemistry
    – Allows you to create the above mentioned drugs, and increases your yield.

  • Hacking
    – Now a mainline heist skill that opens vault doors, disables alarms and prolongs police response.

  • Fraud
    – The parent skill of Forgery and Falsification. Provides a bonus per level to all Fraud based actions.

  • Forgery
    – Allows you to clean dirty money, legitimize bill straps and various other nefarious tasks.

  • Falsification
    – Allows you to certify diamonds and various other heist goods. Will allow forged plates and phone numbers in an upcoming patch.

  • Robbery
    – Dictates the payout from, gasp, robberies.

  • Heists
    – Allows access to higher tier heists and bank robberies as well as providing a bonus to payouts.

  • Jewel Thief

  • Art Thief

  • Gold Thief
    – You’ll see.

  • Drill Efficiency
    – Improves your performance with the drill on bank vaults and various other locations.

  • Tinkering
    – Generalized tool and item crafting.

  • Vehicle Repair
    – Replaces mechanic repair skill.

  • Vehicle Customization
    – The ability to craft and customize vehicles.

  • Vehicle Tuning
    – The ability to tune, upgrade and deck out vehicles.

  • Delivery Driving
    – Provides a bonus per level to delivery driving payouts and efficiency.

  • Logistics
    – Provides a large bonus to delivery driving and amount of available packages as well as location of deliveries.

  • Trucking
    – Provides the ability to do long haul trucking and improves the payout per level.

  • Taxi Driving
    – Provides a bonus per level to Taxi payouts.

  • Bus Driving
    – Allows you to do bus driving missions and increases payout per level.

  • Professional Driving
    – Allows you to do professional and limo driving as well as increasing payout per level.

  • Sanitation
    – Increases the payout for the sanitation activity per level.

  • Car Sales
    – Allows you to purchase and sell vehicles.

  • Import Diversification
    – Increases the amount of cars available to you in the PDM Database.

  • Realtor
    – Allows you to buy and sell real estate as well as own apartment buildings.

  • Gunsmithing
    – Allows you to make candy.

  • Pistol Crafting

  • Shotgun Crafting

  • SMG Crafting

  • Assault Rifle Crafting

  • LMG Crafting
    – Allows you to craft, and craft better quality of, the above mentioned.

  • Component Creation
    – Allows you to create attachments and components.

  • Ammunition Efficiency
    – Improves the amount of ammunition you get per craft.

  • Law Enforcement
    – You a cop bro.

  • Forensics
    – You a detective bro.

  • Patrol
    – You Maxie bro.

  • Awareness
    – You spotted that casing bro.

  • SWAT
    – You Morelli bro.

  • Cooking*
    – You Mira bro. Allows you to cook foods, buff foods, etc. Learned at Konichiwa Pork Bun.

  • Hunting
    – Improves your yields, weapons and spawns when Hunting.

  • Fishing
    – Improves your yields, potential catches, and areas to fish in for Fishing.

  • Farming*
    – Improves your yields, unlocks new crops, and enhances the farming experience.

  • Mining
    – Improves your yields, allows you to mine better ores and nodes.

  • Scavenging*
    – Improves your finds and unlocks new areas to metal detect in.

  • Undersea Salvage*
    – Improves your finds and unlocks new areas to scuba in.

  • Logging*
    – Improves your yields and allows you to tear down bigger trees.

  • Herbalism*
    – Improves your yield and allows you to identify wild plants.

  • Swimming

  • Driving

  • Stealth

  • Flying
    – All provide 5 points per level to the associated GTA V Stats.

Special Skills:

  • Medicine
    – Allows you to create stim-packs, buffs, and aid other players whom are injured.
  • Lawyer
    – Allows you to receive lawyer calls.
  • Vampirism
  • Lycanthrophy
  • Ghost
  • Alien
  • Champion
  • Deity

Misc Skills:

  • Ambassador
    – Provides a 5% experience bonus and makes you eligible to receive Ambassador calls.
  • Veteran
    – Provides a 10% experience bonus. Naturally learned by all characters until 4/29
  • Firstborn
    – Provides a 25% experience bonus. Only available to first generation beta testers.

Skills denoted with a * will be available on the 1.1 Beta patch later in the week as they need more tweaking and testing.


  • Will come in with 1.1b or 1.1c in the coming week to two weeks, and we will explain these further then.


  • The vast majority of stores and skill shops will now purchase items you want to sell them. This will make acquiring items and doing things more fulfilling, as you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your time on generic items.


  • All cooldowns on former jobs have been reduced dramatically. You should not experience downtime between missions now unless you want to.
  • Stores, Banks and Major Heists still have cooldowns to give the police time to breathe.
  • Taxi Driver, Post OP Delivery now are cyclical and no longer require you to return and get a new mission to continue doing. You can deliver or drive until you want to quit, then stop.

Wide Open
The following activities can now be done by anyone regardless of skills or organization:

  • Aggravated Robbery
  • Fishing
  • Heists
  • Hunting
  • Post OP Delivery
  • Sanitation
  • Schwag Harvesting / Processing / Delivery
  • Taxi Driving

New Inventory

  • The inventory system has been completely removed and replaced with a slot based inventory. This inventory features a fully fledged equipment system which we will cover below, item for item trades, a more secure and faster inventory experience, and most importantly it’s not a half busted forum script like inventoryhud was.
  • The new trade window allows you to trade with other people, wait for confirmation and complete trades.
  • The new slot based trunk and chest system will allow us to make your investment into say, a mule, much more worth it for it’s 100 slots, rather than a bike, and it’s no slots.


  • Weapons are now items, that can be equipped and unequipped. You can equip one sidearm, and one two handed weapon.
  • If you have a two handed weapon equipped, it is stuck in your hands until you unequip it. No more from thin air assault rifles.
  • Ammunition is no longer lost when you remove a gun or lose it. Your ammo persists, forever, until you use it.
  • Body Armor is no longer utilizing the GTA V Body Armor health buff, and instead provides damage mitigation based on the type of armor you are wearing.
  • Trinkets (Skill Jewels, Collars, etc) can be equipped which give buffs and benefits.
  • Backpacks and Heist Bags can be equipped to add inventory slots and give unique bonuses.


  • Your cars are now stored in the garage you actually left them at. If you leave a car at central garage, that’s the garage you can get it out of, so on and so forth. This provides a more immersive experience and dramatically reduces your chances of cops finding your hidden vehicles if you get RICOed.


  • Xenon Headlights now function properly, and can be colored properly as well as LS Customs.


  • You can now approach the city to become certified as a law firm and defend your clients. This will be expanded upon more in the upcoming community meeting by Katiya, and will be a more game mechanic based thing with the addition of player ran businesses in the upcoming patch.


  • Banks no longer pop open and spill dirty money into your lap. Instead you drill through into the safety deposit boxes, and start looting items until either it runs out of items, or you stop. This is in line with our old system and provides you with much more meaningful results from banks.
  • Banks can be done in multiple ways depending on the location, not just Drill and Hacker. This change will be active in 1.1b after it gets a smudge more testing and we are sure the way banks work now are how the community desires for them to work.

Aggravated Robbery

  • You can now run into stores and hold up the clerk. He will throw some money at you out of the register after a time, and hit the silent alarm alerting the police. This feature needs a smidge more testing and will be hot turned on in the next day or two.


  • Now come out of your organization at a value set by your organization leader per tick, rather than coming from the server.

Achievements & Statistics

  • 192 new achievements.
  • 500+ tracked statistics.
  • All first cycle β€˜collection’ Achievements are now retired, and can no longer be redeemed.
  • The new achievement system spans all of the Oblivion Entertainment products, accumulating your OBLE Achievement Score.


  • The ability to be an actual follower of a Deity in game, and receive according bonuses and activities is now part of the engine, but we will not actually utilize this until toward the end of the Retaliation storyline (sorry!), but it’s here.

Organization War & Territories

  • The ability to declare open war on other organizations and enter into territory battles are now in the engine, but this will not be utilized until the new health and death system is implemented in 1.2.


  • This update removed 40,000+ lines of code, changed 25,000+ lines of code, and added 115,000+ new lines of code to the engine and took nearly three months to complete.


  • All first cycle boxes excluding Red Flame, are now retired and removed from circulation. You have ONE WEEK to contact Kain and exchange any remaining old boxes you have in your inventories.
  • Boxes have a dramatically improved interface.
  • Boxes now provide a minimum of three items every time and should on the whole feel even better than they did before to open.
  • This is an example of an open Red Flame of Communism box.


  • Added 150 additional nodes throughout the world.


  • ALL currently existing bugs in the engine should be fixed.


  • Patdown is now automatic, and will seize all illegal items the criminal has on them, as well as weapons.


  • You can now race other players in actual timed and ranked races. I knew I forgot to put something in the damn patch notes.


  • /score
  • /skills

I am 100% sure we are missing things off this list. The massive magnitude of things we did in this update has made it nearly impossible to keep track of everything.

As always we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support of this project and all of our projects, none of it would happen or matter without you.

The Retaliation storyline will continue in a massive event starting at 8:00 PM Eastern, Friday 4/17 to commerate the release of 1.1 … See you there!