Genesis 1.1 Bugfix A

Bugs Fixed

  • Cars not showing up as yours, not being lockable / unlockable, not able to be put away.
  • Items disappearing from your inventory.
  • Azteca shop being inaccessible.
  • Water, Bread, and Repair Kits are once again available from Milk’s.
  • Weed Connections is now in the Vagos’ shop.
  • Items now properly combine when placed into trunk.
  • Newbies will now properly get an inventory and all associated things and not be broken as all hell.
  • Fixed a bug preventing /score from being used on new characters.
  • Plastic Surgery Voucher now works as expected.
  • Lemonade, Water, Bread and Tacos should now properly have 20 uses.
  • Fixed an edge case that was erasing uses from Slimjims.
  • Rare, Epic and Legendary Wildcrates should now function as expected.
  • Fixed two bugged Taxi spots.