Genesis 1.1.15


  • The new Patron shop has been added to Life Invader, you can go there to change your phone number, and your individual car plates, as well as see your tier, and benefits.
  • Automated multiple parts of Patreon. The only thing you’ll need us to do is manually set you as a patron when you first subscribe, then it’s all automatic from there, forever!


  • Schwag and Normie now sell for clean money rather than dirty.
  • Schwag no longer requires skill to sell.

Dial Safes

  • Raised the base experience on dial safes by about 1/4th because they are harder than crowbar safes.

Weed Grow

  • Now gives experience (a nice amount we think, let us know) when you harvest your plants.


  • Fishing was broken and nobody told us? It’s fixed now.


  • Removed a bunch of items that were no longer used or in rotation to cut down on database storage space.

OneSync Infinity

  • Started rebuilding portions of versecore and the admin tools to support OneSync Infinity for a future transition from OneSync Legacy to OneSync Infinity.

The All Seeing Eye

  • To prevent situations like yesterday from happening again, we’ve added logging to every single activity on the server, so we can see payouts, experience gains, what is popular and what is not. This will aid us extensively in balancing things, seeing what doesn’t pay well enough, what needs to pay better, and what gives good XP, and what needs nerfed.


Meth Lab

  • Fixed a exploit in the meth lab.
  • Added a chance for police call on pickup at meth lab.
  • Made it so if you die, or run away while picking up the meth someone else can grab it.


  • Every car now has an individual plate, not your overall registration, so you can go incognito with some vehicles if you want!
  • Streamlined the spawning process more so it should be way, way more stable and less unpredictable.
  • Job vehicles now have their own spawning process from the garage to prevent problems police vehicles were having from the new spawning.
  • Fixed PDM, and some missing vehicle names.
  • Hakon went through and priced all the vehicles for sale back to the server, so I can slide that feature in next patch.
  • Custom shops will no longer try to force you to fix your car before going in.

Police and 0x28 Crash

  • Disabled bullet casings as 100% reproducable they cause a 0x28 crash when you fire a bunch of shots then get into a car.


  • All patreon perks have been reset and can be reclaimed via the patron shop, it is now 100% functional.
  • Added a lifeinvader blip on the map so you can see where said shop is.


  • Loose Cash now opens the entire stack, not just one.