Gagsworth opened the door to his apartment, drained from the evening’s events, and, as usual, more questions than answers. He set his keys and sunglasses on the table by the door and hung his jacket up. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a small square glass, put 2 cubes in it, and filled the glass with Brandy. He made his way out to his patio with his Brandy and Cigars and sat down in a chair that had obviously seen better days. How was it that every time he thought he might be on the way to an answer, it would vanish, only leaving questions or frustration. He sighed, took a drink from the glass, and leaned back. “Work’s not going anywhere Gags,” he said to himself under his breath. “Deal with it in the morning.”

He heard a rustling and a faint noise from the living room. Was someone on his apartment, and he walked right by them!? He quietly set his glass down and stalked into the living room. He noticed a blanket on the couch that wasn’t there earlier when he left. He made his way over there, being careful not to make a sound. As he approached the couch, the person on the couch moved, revealing long, blonde hair. He took a step back and let go of the breath he was holding. He had forgotten he had given Athra a key to his apartment. He picked her up and carried her to his bedroom, tucking her in under his weighted blanket. He quietly walked out, shutting the door behind him. He noticed a sheet of paper on the counter. He picked it up, astonished by her amazing penmanship. The note read:

Thank you again for letting me stay here. With everything going on the last few weeks… I just haven’t really felt safe anywhere. Except this is probably the best place to be safe except for going home. I know I’m a guest but I didn’t want to take the bed from you again. Not sure how long you’ll be out for or if you’re even getting home tonight/today, but I made some dinner, its in the microwave. Just heat it up for about 2 minutes and you should be good, I don’t know when you last ate. Try to get some sleep okay? I got breakfast this time as you’re going to be the one needing the sleep I think.
Thank you again

Silly Girl, he thought to himself. Despite everything she went through today, she still made the time to think of me. He set the note down and made his way back out to his Brandy. He took a sip and looked up to the starry void overhead. If he wasn’t careful, his feelings would go unchecked, and he’d probably get in over his head. He sat the for awhile before a realization finally came to mind. Joel and Maria had come back from Cyndara, but… who else had made it back? Who else didn’t come home? Something had happened to Director Harris over there, and it was apparent that Joel wasn’t going to give Gags an inch. He’d need to take a different route to get his answers.

He grinned to himself. “A war of attrition, huh? I think I’ll take those odds.” He finished glass off and made his way into the kitchen, opening his laptop. If he could survive a nuclear apocalypse, he could handle a man with a god complex like Joel. He had some research to do.