Fuck 2020, ok. But we still have eachother

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I was thinking of how this year has been shit. I want to believe that at the one start of the idea of a camp. That it was thrown out, that it’d happen no matter what. Even if it’d have to happen on the server. So…Why couldn’t we maybe do that this year? Hear me out. People drop you know, $20 dollars for a weekend event that would be the Obliverse camp. I’m pretty sure there is a couple camp sites in the city. Everyone could just be their own character, as themselves. We chill and chat. Catch up on the life that 2020 robbed us of. Have some mini events happen, like let everyone have a choice between 2 cars to race in, and do racing. Maybe give everyone deluxo’s or those flying bikes and race through the skies. An actual hide and seek game in certain areas of the city. Probably entice people to a couple boxes in general for the 20 entrance fee. Then if you want reward them with items within the city. There could be lots of things we can set up, seminar with the devs. The idea of what the future holds. Drinking games of some sort. Maybe even improve GWL one of the days/nights within the city, that will later lead to the actual ring. It kind of just breaks down whether or not people are actually interested in doing something like this. So maybe think the options over and maybe ask people if they’re willing to commit to a date? No, rain, snow, cold/hot weather or such could initially halt this from happening endless it actually stops their net. But 20 seems like a lot, but it’s honestly not. When we’re just trying to set something big up to support the community with love and have some time to catch up freely in “person.”

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