Eris Hale - You Won, But Actually You Lost

There is only a couple things left that provide enough footing to keep her from saying “Fuck it” and just giving in. That would be what was easiest. A hell of a lot easier than what she’s been trying to do. She’s been adjusting everything based around these couple of footholds that are left around her. Now, one of the steadiest footholds has crumbled.

Flying down the highway at 130mph, a smile slowly spreads across her face as she thinks of the world now. Crack. She turns up the radio, thinking more on what she’s done to herself for them. Crack. “Thralls?” She thought, the smile getting bigger. “I released them. I asked each time. Except once.” Crack. Her grip on the steering wheel tightens, a chuckle escaping her mouth.

“Now it’s clear to see.” She mutters, flying full speed up to the northmost point of the island.
The car slides across the uneven earth as she forces her way across the rocky field, taking the car as far as it can go, to the waters edge.

The swim was much shorter than she remembered. It felt good, being on the island again. The energy of Undeath swirling around the area, pushing through and around her. Crack. “Alright. Let’s do this” she whispers as the essence continues to sweep around her. Another chuckle escapes her and she yells “Fuck it!”, approaching the hole she climbed back out of so long ago. Crack. Peering into the hole, she turns her back to it and leans back, smiling up into the sky as she jumps backwards into it. The remainder of the walls she built up officially crumble as the darkness collapses around her.