Drugs tier possibilities

An idea for tiers for drugs, and a good use of systems that exist could be adding bulk delivery missions as well for like a T2 of drugs. Even go so far as something that was suggested once before by Lambeau have a car thief and drug dealer do possible able to get a hybrid skill for smuggling. Where they are able to set up a mission to steal say a tug boat, or a postal van , or ice cream truck etc. Then they do like a go postal route and drop of like several like “lots-or-more” packages at the locations. This could be a like a t3 type system.

Also an idea could be where say at the crim hub you maybe can trade in X amount of schwag, normie, or whatever and a bit of money to package it then you get a shipment of whatever. Then shipment then could be stored away somewhere that is large enough to keep it say only warehouse or the like. You then gotta find a trucker who is willing to take the shipment. Those shipments could one of of those ones where everyone can see it on the map. Kinda like how dangerous good was suggested for truckers to talk. This could add something for that civ crim rp.

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