Draven Trask : LSPD Application

Persona Full Name: Draven Trask

RPID: 609

Persona Registration: DUB0AIG7

Persona Phone #: 386-0762

Time Zone: CST

Have you committed any crimes and if so have you learned from them? No

Why should we hire you? I was a Sergeant in the SASPD prior but had to leave for personal reason. I have returned to the city and looking to rejoin the force.

What are you looking for in the LSPD? I am looking to become a Detective.

Please list any previous law enforcement experience and / or schooling: Member of the SASPD previously as well as an FTO.


Thank you for applying to the LSPD!

At this time I would like to extend an invitation for you to attend Police Academy!

  • Academy will be taking play on April 18th at Noon EST!
    Plan for this to take at least a few hours and wear clothing appropriate for physical training! I will be releasing an announcement on the 18th of exactly where you should go.
    Please reply to this message to RSVP. If you are unable to make it we will attempt to make accommodations for training on another day.

Good Luck,
Maria Bellucci, Detective Captain, LSPD

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Sadly this will have to be put on hold. I cannot get on the server without being invisible. I think my connection is causing the OneSync issue and after trying everything under the moon I haven’t successfully been able to login. I will be moving 1-2 months(hopefully if this COVID-19 thing is over by then and will have a faster connection).

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Just incase anything changes, Training will begin on the Live Server play.roleplay.gg at Mission Row PD in 15 minutes.

I recently got a small increase in internet speeds, so I did some testing tonight. I was 3 for 3 on being visible. I will continue testing this week to make sure but saying that I think I can get Draven back on the force.

I know there been some changes so just let me know what I need to do @AmyBos

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Good Evening Mr Trask,

We do still do the academy’s, however we are in a express hiring process at the moment so if you are still desiring to join the LSPD, we will be happy to extend an invite to the Cadet Program.

Scarlett Badd, Chief of Police,

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Chief Badd,

I am indeed ready to put the uniform back on. Let me know what the next steps I need to take will be.

Draven Trask

Thank you for applying to the LSPD!

At this time I would like to extend an invitation for you to our cadet program.

When you are awake next, please reach out to a member for the command staff or an FTO and we will get you recruited and ready for training.

I will reach out by email to provide further details.

Good Luck,

Scarlett Badd, Chief of Police, LSPD