De-de-deal-- Shadow duelest! (edited)

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So I was only seeing this guy on a regular at this park across from the Taxi area. But now i’ve seen another up in Vinewood, and assume they could be other places. It’d be kind of cool if this dude may spawn every once in awhile in general areas for a short time. And you have to sell a fair high amount. Cause they’re more and likely a regular dealer already, and need to re-up. This could help people get rid of big quantities of various supplies. Maybe have them ask for multiple drugs, meth/weed/coke and their tiers. Of course they would also have a fair chance to spawn raids instead of Davis cops. Cause it could be a sting. But it’d just add a nice chance to give people a bit of feels that their coming up in the drug game. Have it be a nice advancement of opportunity to do a different type of drug deal. I think it’d have to be pretty randomized though, so people wouldn’t just camp locations. Even if they did, what was asked for would always be randomized too. So people wouldn’t always be able to meet it without having to probably go get it themselves and maybe even missing out. Because they’ll dip out due to a timer. The other ordeal could also be that if caught dealing to this specific type of person would rack a nice stack of fines.

Parting Thoughts:
I just seen this shady mofo on a regular here at night times to add. And finally i’ve spotted another out within Vinewood. Figured it’d be a good idea to add an option to be a bigger supplier. And have a multi need of different drugs to meet their needs. To unload more, gain a bit more. Short lived chance and high risk of consequences. I don’t know what type of notice to use though. I was thinking maybe you’d just have to spot them, but maybe a mass ping to all who’re dealing so it could create conflict cause once the deal is made. The dude is done, they won’t be in need obviously till later. Maybe they just randomly show up on a gps when you’re near, but then it again shows up on everyones gps from there on. So if you don’t have their initial supply, others will notice and can come prepared to make the deal with them.


He appears as different flavors

Could be very good for the drug economy, a large dump off which is potentially contested. Allows for a movement of profit or loss without much effort.