Dan Schneider LSPD Re-Application

Persona Full Name: Dan Schneider

RPID: 1867

Persona Registration: HLU2FIIA

Persona Phone #: 933-9567

Time Zone: EST (Toronto Area)

Have you committed any crimes and if so have you learned from them?

The only crime I’m guilty of is my passion for directing pre-teen television shows. I’ve long retired from that journey and chapter in my life. I’m just currently looking for something to bring back some good in my life and others.

Why should we hire you?
Morale! I’ll always be able to look on the positive side of things and do my best to keep a level and happy head when dealing with tough situations. There’s nothing I love more than smiles and happy feet.

What are you looking for in the LSPD? The chance to do some solid community work. Rebuild the family friendly environment I had once created with my line of work, and protect innocence at all costs

Please list any previous law enforcement experience and / or schooling: Law School Graduate, and Previous Academy acceptee, I’ve reposted my application as I’m re-interested in becoming an officer

Thank you for applying to the LSPD!

At this time I would like to extend an invitation for you to our cadet program.

When you are awake next, please reach out to a member for the command staff or an FTO and we will get you recruited and ready for training.

I will reach out by email to provide further details.

Good Luck,

Scarlett Badd, Chief of Police, LSPD