Convictions and Conflictions - Justin Del Toro

It’s a nice quiet night. Everyone is home or asleep. The heat in the air is just right but one degree more and it would be a little too hot for comfort. Justin is driving down by the Sandy airfield with his mule with his thoughts to himself, phone in hand to follow a GPS ping he got from his old friend from the past. He slowly pulls into what looks like an old abandoned shaft and his phone notifies he has arrived.

So many things have happened lately and things are becoming more and more aggressive as well as more complicated. With everything Justin has seen and heard, he is trying to comprehend and come up with a plan that him and Danny can carry out but is lost. He thinks to why he wanted a rune, what drove him to try and get one. He remembers the feelings of being useless and powerless of not being able to help anyone. Watching people die whether fast or slow, disintegrating into nothingness or deteriorating slowly to their demise. Feeling like he’s there, watching people die and not being able to do anything about it, not having the strength to save anyone. It feels like someone strapped him into a chair of a bad movie and taping his eyes open to see it all unfold. Power. He wants more. He NEEDS more. He doesn’t want any more people to needlessly die if it can be helped. He doesn’t want anything to happen to any of his family and friends but he feels like it is spiraling out of control and he can’t stop it. Is he doing the right thing? Is he on the right side? The visions he saw and who may or may not die worries him. Danny. He will try all his might to not let Danny die among others. If the vision came true he feels like he’d fall into a dark hole that he can never climb out of.

Justin is driving back into the city and stops off by the VU. He opens the back of the truck and signals for one of the creatures inside to hop on out and welcome him to his new home. The creature comes out into the moonlight and Justin sees the massive gorilla with a polka dot bandana, randy savage shades, white tank top and blue jean shorts hop on out with his blow dart gun along with a few things shoved into his pockets. Justin gives him a note in his hand and also puts one of those name stickers on his chest saying “Hello my name is Spunky.”

The note reads: Lambeau, I got a friend for you to hang out. He seems pretty chill like the rest of his brothers and sisters. I am told he is a sniper with blow darts at long range. Be careful he is also an addict for huffing sharpie markers so hopefully you got a good supply. I was notified also the first time you meet him to sing him the bare necessities song as well for your benefit. Take care and I hope you guys get along well. @Lambjimb0

As Justin drives to the next spot he thinks about how he cant learn about more of this rune. He’s been told what it could do and thinks back to his training so far with Charity. He thinks back to her teachings and trying to find how to channel it and finding memories or emotions to help it flow easier. He also worries about if this rune will talk to him, will he see eye to eye with it. He looks at the rune. He wants to help it but it must also help him. he doesn’t care what his outcome is as long as he can save the others around him. but that requires to learn more. MORE. He must learn more about this rune, its potential, and quick. He wants to make a friend out of this rune not an enemy since they are now sharing his body.

Justin pulls up to his next spot and hops out. He goes around to the passenger seat and opens the door nearly giving his buddy a heart attack. He helps out the old monkey who looks so damn cranky to have to climb out. He lifts the monkey down and straightens his grey sweater and glasses for him and gives him his walking stick. The pockets seems to be really sagging with grenades which puts a bit of a smile on Justin’s face since he knows the owner is going to have a lot of fun taking care of this guy. Justin hands the cranky monkey a note and puts a sticker on his sweater too saying “Hello my name is Grumpy”

The note reads: Gringo. Have fun with this guy. He seems to be really cranky and on edge like as if death is lurking around every corner. I am told he is great with explosives and chooses to default to hand grenades. He also seems to be very fond to rubbing puddles all over his chest and I have no clue why of all things…Be sure to tell him a lame knock knock joke when you first meet him too. Buckle up and take care of each other. @kbobbrown

Justin makes his final stop at his home. He pulls in quietly trying to not to wake anyone. He whispers to Eddy to help with the doors while carrying a box of goodies. He thinks about how he can move forward from here. Can he come to terms with the rune. Can he grow with it and make the most he can. In the end it comes down to in his mind, power. He needs to embrace the rune and learn its secrets.

Justin puts the box at the foot of the bed big enough to hold something to wear for certain purposes. He puts a card on it with just “Mi Amor” on it. Climbs into bed and snuggles up next to Danny and passes out. It takes him a while to pass out but now hes got a path on his mind. The runes. His rune. He’s got a long road ahead and must seek more knowledge about them and people who can help him grow. Now things are not going to get easier being pitted against Mira and the others whether he likes it or not. His other lead he can think of is Lyla.