CNN: News Report

We are coming to you live with a special News Report. Our extremely handsome and talented Top Investigative Journalistic Reporter Niko Cavallo was on the scene at a training scenario with the LSPD.
The officers were running through a scenario of a bank robbery when out of nowhere a rogue driver sped past and started shooting. this caused a mass panic and shootout at the fake bank robbery leaving 3 wounded.
Detective Captian Maria had this to say. "It is apparant to me that our officers lack the proper training and skills to do their job effectively, they are lucky i wasnt hungry or i would have eaten them.

PICTURED BELOW: The fine officers of the LSPD and joel hauser.

In other news… 2 Unnamed heros Saved the City from the terrors of a SEWER GATOR last night… sources tell us that the fleeca bank had infact found a sewer gator in the back room near the bathroom.
these two heros relocated the monster to a holding facility untill further notice. If anyone has any information on the names of the two heros please call Niko Cavallo so they can be rewarded for being so amazing…