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With the amazing new rework of the civ systems to pay per delivery/fare/stop instead of missions, data is so much easier to find and get some balancing out. We’ll take a look at Delivery first.

Personally I love Delivery, when these first Civ jobs were released Delivery was king of the crop. Now that you get paid per package, can pre-plan your route, and can infinitely do it, it’s even more amazing. By far it is the most efficient job, either by my own luck ("R"NG) or otherwise, in about an hour I already had done 34 deliveries, (5, 6, 8, 7, 8 packages per route). Netted me about 8,252 cash (Average stop being $243) and 337 XP (Average stop being 10 XP), which in about an hour of delivering, runs down to ~$138 dollars per minute and 6XP per minute (I’ll post these at a list all at the bottom so Lin/Kain/Lux don’t have to go through my bullshit ramblings to find). Which means for a new player with no idea how anything works they can easily turn that starting money into a foundation to buy a house, car, and establish themselves but not as quickly as crime (and getting away with it).

Moving on I decided to do Taxi. Taxi and the Dev team have a bit of a “misunderstanding”, Taxi wants to be loved and have attention, but always acts out to get it and Dev hates it for that but doesn’t hate it. Personally I couldn’t do more than about half an hour to an hour of taxi after doing delivery, I felt it just took way too long between fares and driving to their destination and the payout seems pretty consistent and you could quickly guess how much you were going to get per fare (Since it still uses the distance modifier). In my own Taxi attempts I only managed 8 stops, following all traffic laws, stopping at red lights, everything. Overall I netted 2120 cash (Average of 265/fare), and 71 XP (Average of 9/fare). Since I can’t exactly recall how long I did taxi (I left and made lunch at one point tbh), we’ll call it a middle ground of 45 minutes, meaning I got $47/minute and ~2XP/minute. No bueno when compared to other jobs such as sanitation/delivery…

And finally Sanitation, this thing is beautiful, not too complicated (to do), doesn’t take long for a full route (16 stops for myself), and pretty consistent pay (for myself). A full route of 16 stops took me about an hour, not too bad (other than the one in LSIA…), overall netting me $2809 (Average of $176/stop) and 166XP (Average of 10XP/stop), which means I ended up getting about $47/minute and 3XP/minute. Not bad but still not hitting the same marks as delivery.

$8252, 337 XP (1 hour)
$2120, 71 XP (45 minutes)
$2809, 166 XP (1 hour)

$243, 10 XP
$265, 9 XP
$176, 10 XP

Parting Thoughts: Delivery is raking in the most as it’s the quickest and easiest set to do, whereas Taxi with the timer between fares sets it a little further apart from the rest of the pack in terms of efficiency. Sanitation is in a good place right now and like the other jobs is super comprehensive.

The only thing I can think of “improving” for Taxi and Sanitation;

Taxi: Reduce the wait timer by 1/3, bump the XP up on either end of the scale up by maybe 5-10

Sanitation: Possible to get XP per Bag rather than per dumpster? With some trash cans having way more trash than others I think making it count the bag for XP rather than finishing the dumpster (Cash still tied to dumpster completion) it’d be a bit nicer for newer players.

Conclusion: These are only my numbers and thoughts. Seeing more data from everyone and their own totals can help see what actually needs changed and what’s perfect where it’s at.