Chris Meehan - The unseen future.

Chris sits on a cliff overlooking the bay of Paleto, looking at the text on his phone from a man he trusts who was meant to be dead… He could hear the Russian voice whisper the words in his ear as he looked at the message telling him to leave it. Why would Boris text me this or who has Boris’s phone. It sends a shudder down his spine.

He places his head in his hands and contemplates for a moment about the information he found yesterday. He had left enough breadcrumbs of information to enough people that if he had caught the eye of the enemy at least some of the work he had done would be known. The collars been a hybrid of Genesis and Oblivion tech, the fact Talbot HQ in LS seemed to be abandoned.

He pulled out the burner phone from his pocket once more and sent a simple " We need to talk… Bad stuff is going down. Be Careful you’re wanted by the FIB " and sends it to Viola. He then tosses the phone off the cliff into the water grabs a mask from his bag and puts it on.

He got into the stolen car and sighed heavily, looking at the mark of balance. How did they manage to catch Kain… not been able to sense him and hearing he had been taken and was powering something called the Iris.

The bad guys seem to hold all the cards. For once he didn’t see a good outcome. He had fought battles that were a lost cause before and he will continue to fight until he can’t anymore.He checked the chamber of the Kalashnikov sitting on the seat beside him. Turned the Radio up and gripped the wheel as he took off towards the city. Watching for any FIB presence.

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Chris wakes to the constant buzzing of his phone on the bed side table, the vibrations resonating on the glass topped table seemed never ending. “Fuck sake what is it now” expecting to see some stupid news articles or some texts about random stuff. He turns over and presses his thumb to the screen to unlock the phone. 1 missed call from Pillbox Medical Center. 6 Text messages.

His heart sank as he realized Lyla wasn’t there. He quickly opens the texts and reads… “AJ has been hurt she was assaulted” it was worse then he first imagined. He knew Lyla would be fine but he couldn’t comprehend AJ getting hurt. His body is suddenly flooded with anger, the nanites in his blood activated as he crushed the phone in his hand without thinking. He rushes to the walk-in wardrobe and puts on some clothes before sprinting downstairs. As he grabs his keys and goes to leave he notices Lyla standing in the kitchen looking out the sliding doors at the couch and fire pit.

He stops and turns around and approaches Lyla asking her if she had heard. Lyla turned to him with a sorrowful look on her face and said “Yes I was informed by the staff in the hospital when she got admitted. She’s here… She’s laying on the couch outside.” He opens the door and walks outside to her. AJ lay there sleeping on the couch. He looked at the parts of the wounds he could see peering over the mask she had wore to hide her face. Slowly waking her from her sleep. They went into conversation about what happened. His blood boiled to the words he was hearing.

He told AJ to rest as he had something to deal with, he went back into the house and to the safe room, he grabbed his tactical gear and put it on grabbing an AK from the rack and 200 rounds. His mind set into a spiral of vengeance with no regard for his own safety. He drove to the O’Neil ranch.

It seemed quite. He jumped onto the balcony and walked through the open door to find sitting in the corner two meth addicts talking. Upon noticing him they panicked one pulling a knife and rushed him. The knife glancing off the plated body armour as he grabbed the addict by the neck lifting him off the ground with one arm. He asked the addict where the family was, the addict responded by spitting at him and saying fuck you. Chris knew he wouldn’t get any useful information from these two. Without much resistance Chris closed his grip on the man’s neck feeling his windpipe and blood vessels explode under the pressure as he broke the man’s neck as the 2nd man watched he began to cry. Chris drops the first man the limp lifeless body landing on the floor with a thud. He approached the 2nd man and asked the same question the addict just a babbling mess who’s gaze never broke from the dead person in front of him. The addict finally looked up at Chris and asked “wha…wha… What are you” Chris looked at the addict and said in a cold voice. " The last thing you will ever see…" Placing the gun to the man’s head and pulling the trigger. Catching the empty casing as it ejected from the AK.

Slinging the rifle over his back he grabbed both bodies and dragged them to the basement, the lab still set up but looked like it hadn’t been used in awhile the shelves still littered with items used for production. He tossed the two body’s onto the floor before releasing a roar of anger unleasing the elemental powers inside him as a flurry of flames erupted from him igniting the flamable contents of the room watching as everything in the room caught fire. As the room engulfed in flame he stood there the heat not phasing him. He released a 2nd out burst of elements this time of air the sound of which sounded like a jet breaking the sound barrier as the air snuffed all the flames. All that remained was the embers and ash. The two charred bodies layed in front of him as he left the building. Getting back into the car and driving into the city. Handing the car to the chop shop as he makes his way home.

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Taking a large swig of Jameson as he looked down at Kain, the man who was once the deity he followed now powerless and in a comatose state, the TEK nanites which were running around Kain’s body had come from him which were bestowed upon him by Lyla to save his life.

The flash back began to come to him of the similar situation that Chris received the nanites from Lyla in the first place, when Boris and Viola had tried to kill him. The shooting at the hospital seemed like a case of deja vu. But this time Kain was the one who needed protecting. Chris owed his life to Lyla and Kain on that day and he had swore to repay the debt.

Chris stood there before turning around and reaching up to a shelf above the gun rack. Pulling down to the worktop Infront of him a black duffle bag. With a heavy sense of dread he opened the bag to look upon the mask of the gingerbread bitch. The name he had once been known by long forgotten by everyone except for the person who reminded of it. Disarray was on there side, aswell as the other members of the ISA he was glad to be fighting with them on this matter. He dawned the suit, a bit tighter then before due to the dense muscle build up caused by the nanites also perhaps a few to many takeaways.

He needed to follow the lead Disarray had given him, he needed to find Commandant Chaos to help fill in the blanks that the file had shown him on Kincaid. If he had arrived on The Iris claiming to be the Deity of Light did he aquire the power the same way as he had the Deity of War? Did he consume Natasha? If so he needed to know so he could try to give his father some information or turn him against Kincaid and give him the target he needed to kill.

The last few time he had seen her was when she and a few other members of the ISA were on a rampage through the city. But he had hoped she would be where she had always been the garage in Arcadius. He drove there and parked across the road from the building. Walking to the entrance of the underground car park he glanced up and his eyes met the visage of the steelclad sentry El Ramon. He entered the lift and pressed the button to the garage, the doors closed and he shut his eyes.

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