Charlie - For you once said "I wish you dead"

Charlie smiled as she scattered the handful of usb drives around Life Invader’s car park, pokemon shaped so they would attract attention, blank but for a fake resume and a trojan horse that would open access to the unwitting users computer for a while. It would be lunchtime soon and wouldn’t take long for the first one to be found…

Sitting in her car in the nearby hotel car park, she placed bets with herself which one would ping back to her CIC server first. Squirtle, pikachu? Nope, Eevee. She smiled at that. The eeveelution family had caught her imagination the first time she’d played the game. She took it for a good sign, logged in, and sniffed out the passwords stored in the users browser before moving to their access to the data stored on Life Invader’s servers. Caleb was found in short order, and she searched through the records of the hidden and untagged pictures, soon finding what she was looking for. A picture of the young Caleb, potty worn like a helmet, waving something that looked like an empty kitchen roll tube like a sword at the camera. Cute, and it should get her point across. She logged out, wiped the CIC server, and cancelled her rental of the cloud server it had been running on, before emailing the picture to Caleb.

This took me 10 mins including getting access to the servers. Don't make me want to spend more time digging into you. You might not like what I find… Charlie