Charity - A true purpose

“A truer purpose.”

Charity pondered the words as she thought back to the last time she came face to face with the vision of The Yellow King. The entity sat before her, blood splattered on the walls. In the beginning, it bothered her to see such gore and destruction before her. Now, she barely flinched, her emotions buried so deep she wasn’t even sure if she had them anymore. All she could sense inside herself was cold, calculative and methodological thinking.
Everyone noticed the differences in her. They made comments on her hair. Her actions. Her words. She snapped at others more often than not, their petty wars and fights bothering her more than before. Although she tried to be her once lively and bubbly self, she couldn’t fake it any longer. It was exhausting. She was tired of being someone who no longer existed.

She looked before her at the gathering of deities and followers. Although she tried, she could bear no mark. She was told not to worry herself with the petty squabble of deities. “Your true purpose will be revealed soon.” The words sent through her a sense of excitement and curiosity. While she didn’t know what her purpose would be, she knew whatever the purpose was had to end with her. Her emotions may have left, but below the surface, her morals stayed strong.

“Do everything I can to protect the ones I love”.

She smiled as she made her way through each diety group, asking questions. Gaining information. Maybe, just maybe, she could gain their trust. And maybe she would find out why she was born of this world.

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