Business suggestions "In my eyes"

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Character/Items/Clothes
  • Crime
  • Economic Structure
  • General
  • Job/Hobby
  • Organizations

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:
First bunch is dispensaries. A way to sell some legal bud. Obviously they’d need to follow the simple rules in place of the laws.

This is right next to old Milks.

Pawn shops. I’ve talked to a couple people who had an interest in having one. Think it’d be useful as a stage for people to use instead of taking loans out. They could pawn out their goods they have. Legal goods at that. Maybe guns, cause you’d think they’re “legal” if their not in use or been used.

Similar to pawn shops but instead they’re for collectables and bobbles. I know collectables are gone, but you could still maybe use the golden pickaxe/premium rods/hunting guns as collectables. But it’d be a nice front for bobble selling.

Parting Thoughts:
These are my ideas for business places to use. I didn’t see a pre formed option. So i’m setting this one up with the ideas and locations of potential places. I’d also suggest the barbers being bought up, besides like gas stations again. Stores maybe, once food comes in and people can have the option of restaurants and a store option. So they don’t have to just sell at one place, but could out sell to other places.