Bought some goods, opened 3 before the 4th broke me

Date of Bug: 8/26
Estimated Time of Bug: 8:30 pm
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y/N
Explain the Bug: Bought 20 RFB’s and opened 3 successfully, and on the 4th one it broke me. It was after pressing open another, that it blanked me. No cards showed up. And I wasn’t able to press anything. It was similar to how the phone broke you, but no fivem message. I had to task manager to close out.Then when I got back in, all the remaining boxes were gone. My inventory was also messed up, where a spare pistol I had ended up in my first slot.

To wake up

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug:

Resolved an underlying issue in the code with non-existant items, issued a refund via notifications.