Bloodlustic Runic Stasis

Wind whistling through deep valley, trees rustling from the breeze almost in fear. A cave found secluded in a higher area of the valley that when looked inside, is un-affected from the moon light into it. A little white rabbit sits at the front of the cave peering inside with a curious movement of its nose.

With the night slowly passing, minute by minute, second by second, time seems to stay still for the little creature. A deep guttural growling from what sounded like a beast in dire hunger. Silver eyes could be seen even deeper in the cave. As for the rabbit, it freezes in fear, unsure if it should run.

The glow of the eyes begins to get larger, the sound growing louder and deeper. The moon setting just enough for the light to slowly bring to light these massive paws with damaged claws digging into the ground come into view. The legs that are attached to the paws coming to, all the way to the look of a bloodied, fur torn, scars from past battles shown with no fur growing to cover them in the areas. Standing almost like a boulder in front of the rabbit to the cave, it sinks it’s head towards it’s prey, taking in a deep breath of the surrounding scents, baring its fangs to the small creature before lunging at the creature.

Flash of bright light and high pitched sound of light bulbs

Scud falls down onto his hands and knees from a wall, almost gasping for air, his stomach churning slightly from being an empty pit of nothingness. Blind from the brightness of the fluorescent lights, reaching to his pocket to pull on a spare set of goggles to cover his eyes to see. Blinking a few times as he stares at a pair of metal and leather boots. His nose filling with the air surrounding him, smelling the known scents to himself as he pushes himself up from the ground. Standing in front of him, Joker.