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Economic Structure

This server is great! I love playing here and not enough good things can be said about the community especially comparing it to other servers at large. With that said there are still a few wrinkles that can be ironed out. This is the second post attempting to address those wrinkles.

Banks are weird. It feels that there are a bunch of unspoken rules with banks, sometimes they are enforced and sometimes they are not.

Things I like about banks is that they are one of the more fun interactions on the server. The knowledge that can be gained is awesome, and the chance of getting boxes from banks is super cool! Hacking, drilling and getting bill straps is fun and engaging. Cops can get a lot of knowledge and experience interactions that few other encounters provide. However there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Sometimes cops show up to banks blasting, sometimes they show up talking. There should be a consistent way for cops to approach and deal with banks. Not all banks should be code red. Chases are really fun and organizing an escape can be real fun role play. None of that really happens with how banks are currently done. They always end in one of the parties involved being wasted.

Every one seems to think that taking a hostage is off the table for some reason but I can’t seem to find much mentioning that. A hostage seems like a necessary thing to prevent the cops form just rushing in and gunning down the people robing the banks.

There is no limit to the amount of people that can raid a bank at once but if you do it with to many people you get hit with a rico. This should be cleared up and be made a rule that you can only do a bank with a max amount of people, or let as many people do a bank as they want.

At one point people would rob every single bank available in one go, and other times it was against the rules to chain banks together. I know it is now impossible to chain rob banks but this should be clearly stated in the rules.

If all but one of the cops get downed is it a rule to let the one cop live, or is it just manners to allow them to live and on that note is it ok to force that cop to rez your allies or do we just let them stay down. Clarification on this would be cool.

Apparently you cannot shoot people in the middle of the grabbing money animation but I could not find any rules pertaining to that. This seems like something that could use clarification.

The pay out for a bank seems a bit on the low end. I know that there are going to be safety deposit boxes and this will probably improve the pay out. It just seems weird that you can get potentially more money from a drug sale than you can from robbing a bank. People should want to take the risk of a bank more than any other crime, and currently it does not feel that way.

Thanks for reading my ted talk. I would really like for some of these things to be clearly stated on the rules page.


Sorry for how long this responce is.

I am unaware myself as i haven’t done a bank since, the change but i was under the impression that banks carts had been made to carry a lot more billstraps worth of cash.

I know that it is kind of an unwritten rule about doing banks with 6 but never 7 people. Personally I’ve had police blast all three of our outside dudes, and then proceed to waste the three of us inside, and other times try to talk it out with us as well. In fact I’ve had the unfortunate circumstance of being on the recieving end of several banks where there were 8-9 cops in attendance, even with a crew of 6 that’s nigh impossible to deal with.Especially since both of those fateful days, my crew was 4-5 strong.

I think it’s considered just good manners, to leave a singular cop standing. However the problem with leaving ANY cop standing is then you get a bolo and a warrant put out on your people, which to me says the incentive is to blast them all down to the last cop and call it a day.

However I do think some guidelines need to be established as to how the police advance on banks, because shooting someone mid money grab, or drill seems like a one sided engagement, not to mention shooting up 3 people OUTSIDE the bank then sitting down healing up, and rushing the door with 4-8 cops.

I think the vantage points certain banks confer (aka people on roofs across the street) should be left to the crims (at least until the order to push inside comes), since they are likely outnumbered and outgunned by the police anyway and this would mean, that both sides have their full team. 5-8 cops vs 4-6 crimes, rather then 3 crims inside vs 5-8 cops outside.

I hope it will get seen!