Badd Family Statement - Memory Loss

Badd Family - Statement

At approx. 8.30pm EST Chief of Police James Badd was found by LSPD officers near the Sandy Shores gas station, which was evident had exploded and his truck was located on the other side of the road. He was rushed to Pillbox Hospital to be treated by Medical professionals.

Preliminary investigations show he was thrown from the driver seat through the front passenger door and sustained minor burns to over 60% of his body and slight facturing of the skull.

Due to the fracture on his skull, he has minor swelling of the brain which has resulted in slight memory loss. His most recent memory is his acceptance into the cadet program of the SASPD during the City of Night days.
At this time, we are unsure on how long it will be before he gets his memory back…

Pending further investigations into his mental state, additional statements will be made by myself or Command Staff of the LSPD.

May your thoughts and prayers be with us in these difficult times.


Scarlett Jones
Fiancée of LSPD Chief of Police.

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