Awakening - Syrinx

The lake sparkled in the moonlight, wind rustling through the trees while crickets chirpped and the nocturnal animals scurried about. It would seem as if it were a perfectly ordinary night on the mountain side… That was until the water started to bubble, slowly and gently at first, but it wouldn’t take long to appear as if the lake was heating to a raging boil, foam dampening the ground as the surface rose like a pot boiling over… but as quickly as it started, it had ceased, back to a calm lake as if nothing had happened. However, one thing had changed. There was now a woman on one of the boulders that protruded from the surface of the water.

The woman didn’t move for a while, as if she were dead and the water merely returning her body to the surface, but as it grew closer to dawn, she began to shift, soft groans escaping her lips… Awaken Her eyes shot open as the voice resonated within her mind, sitting up quickly while her eyes darted around her surroundings. You are Syrinx, you are Naiad. You are reborn. She rubbed her temples, the voice feeling as if it were vibrating her brain, causing her vision to waver and blur. Once it grew silent again, she took a slower look around her, a wave of… memory?.. well, the idea of one anyway. She felt as if this place was familiar in some way, but not how or why.

She stood up, getting her balance and taking a deep breath to centre herself, processing what was going on in her mind right now, and all she could feel was… freedom. She placed her hands in her pockets as she let herself just take it all in, when she felt something. Pulling it out, she closely examined the ring that was now in her fingers… and felt a deep sense of hurt and loss wash over her. She had no idea why, maybe she lost someone important to her and that’s what led to her current state of being, essentially, a blank slate. Maybe… Either way, she wasn’t going to get answers right here and now, so she shoved it back in her pocket, thinking it would be a good idea to keep the ring close, just in case it ever came up.

For now, she intended on at least enjoying this feeling of being completely free, wherever that feeling came from, and figuring out her place in this land that she apparently had some recollection of for some reason.