Attempted Assaination On JT

The Night was dark and misty, JT had just arrived home parking his bike in the garage and closing it up for the night, he entered his house through the garage door and walked into the kitch pouring himself a glass of whisky, once again he was home alone and he just needed a little more time to find out who these people were hunting him down.

he sat down looking over all the files he had gathered over the years, looking for any groups he may have come across in his past but once again nothing sprung to mind as he looked over them. he went to bed like he did every night but tonight would be different, he did not turn on the alarm to the house and left his door unlocked, a mistake? or a trap.

as he got into bed he placed his guns on the dresser at the end of the bed out of reach but placed 2 knives under his pillows as he slowly fell asleep he herd a slight creak at the front door, he layed on his back and placed his hands on his blades ready, he layed there still and silent with his eyes closed pretending to be asleep, 2 men had entered his house and made their way up to his room, as they entered the room he gripped his blades tight and ready.

both men went to both sides of the bed and slowly leaned in towards him, he herd one of them whisper for the cruisaders, one pressed a knife to his throat and slowly started applying pressure, he opened his eyes stabbing both of them in the throat, as they both went down, one cut his throat but only shallow, he wiped the blood away and made sure they were both dead, he checked them both over nothing but the weapons they were carrying and a cruisade tattoo on the back of the necks.

this was it they knew where he was but would they send more and do they know what he truely is?