An attempt to repair a broken heart - Aurora Raferty

Waking up and getting herself ready for the day, Aurora couldn’t help but think back to the day before, how everything turned out. These past months on her own had been hard, with so much about her changing, mainly her faerie blood seeming to grow stronger, but even then, she as a person was also changing.

Thanks to her surgery, and Lyla being the one to perform it, she was no longer bound to Ryan, the nanites he gave her working autonomously thanks to Lyla providing her own. It had been a relief that she didn’t need to rely on him anymore if anything went wrong, she could just send an email directly to the hospital for Lyla to contact her.

But even that hadn’t given her closure on their split, and she felt like there was a hole that couldn’t be filled. Although, it had been helping to talk with Zane. He was so sweet, funny, he was respectful of her and he constantly made her smile. Even thinking of him now as she washed her face, she had a huge grin while looking in the mirror.

And then there was yesterday. Starting the shift with a lot of laughter with Ryan and Liam, realising how much she missed this. Even throughout a hectic day of shootings, there were moments of joy she had missed. She made a decision late that night to message Ryan, to see where they stand. After they had spoken, she felt much better about things, better than she had in months. She didn’t want him back, she was still angry, still so hurt by what he had done, but she couldn’t help but also feel hurt when he seemed to ignore her over the radio when they were on duty together. So, they decided to be friends. She wanted that distance, but she missed her friend.

But then they decided to try fishing for the first time, get Ryan off duty for once. They went to the pier that Zane had taken her to twice now, and he was all she could think of. Hell, maybe it was because of her mind wandering that she missed the shark that apparently pulled her into the water, or so she was told. Either way, he was the only thing on her mind. After getting herself home, calling out to Flynn so he knew she was okay, she shot a message off to Zane, "Hi there ^-^ Hope work is going okay and you’re able to get some sleep. Hopefully I don’t wake you with this, but… if you have a chance at some point… I’d really like to see you again ^-^ I… ummmm… I kind of have something to say.

Looking back in the mirror, her face was already bright red, the pale pink aura that faintly glowed every time she was embarrassed filled the room. She had never done this before, and she was terrified what was going to happen… She hoped it went well.