AJ - Broken

3 years ago

A fierce feared female was running through the streets of Liverpool, England - a city that had a bad reputation and a criminal scene ripe with drugs, gangs and extreme violence, which this female was the leader of - police heavy on her tail on foot, cruisers with lights can be seen in the distance and a helicopter with a high beam shining down on her as she turned down alleyways, scaring the homeless as they tried to keep warm next to the burning barrels.


AJ looked behind her as two officers were closing in, guns drawn.The helicopter had lost visual and the cruisers were parked at the end of the alleyway. Smirking she turned left and jumped over a wall and headed towards the abandoned warehouse district, south of the city just past China Town. She heard a thud and a cry of pain, she didn’t look back and pushed herself as hard as she could, heading for her secret hideout. The helicopter she could hear in the distance and the sirens were getting closer but she kept her wits about her and sprinted harder than she ever had before, she reached into her hoody for her pistol and took the safety off. As she looked down, she noticed the blood soaked trainers she had on realising that is how they had found her, by following the bloody footprints.

‘‘FUCK’’ she muttered as she kicked them off and launched them over a fence and continued running in her socks. Her phone rang, it was her lieutenant, her bloody hands touched the screen and answered -

’‘AJ?! Where are you? It’s all fucked, you killed an undercover cop! They tricked you!’’ a distraught yet angry voice bellowed through the speaker

’‘Ya fuckin jokin?! Fuck! I’m heading towards the hideout past the Cain’s Brewery but the twats are hot on my heels lad!’’ she muttered out of breath

‘‘Don’t go there, it is HOT, I repeat LIT AF! Head to the Cathedral Cemetary, I am waiting at the back entrance, St James Rd. HURRY!’’ he hung up

AJ opened the back of the phone and removed the battery then simcard, snapped it in half and launched it all in separate areas. She turned left and headed to the destination, jumping over garden walls, protective dogs barking as she trespassed. Minutes passed, energy depleting, cops heard and seen in the distance as they lost visual of her. Arriving at the back gates, a black mercedes was parked, she pushed the last of her energy and made it to the back door and dove in.


’‘AJ, you know what this means right?’’ as he steps on the gas and gets out of the city

AJ nods and her stomach turns. She fucked up, there was no way she was getting out of this unscathed. She looked to her right on the backseat was a black bag contained a change of clothes, body armor and an AK47 with 20 clips of ammo. She has to go into hiding, until she was able to get things in order and leave the country. They arrived in to another hideout about a mile from Manchester Airport, a few days later with a fake new name, new look and a fake passport, she arrived in Los Santos.


AJ is laying on the sofa of her cousins house seemingly like she is watching TV as Chris and Lyla watch her from the next room, quietly discussing her mental state. Yet she is silently crying as she has flashbacks of the box cutter penetrating her skin as she heard the creepy laugh then words being drummed into her. She wipes the tears away and sits up then walks to the bathroom.
Chris and Lyla call after her but she doesn’t respond. She closes the door and stands at the sink, turning the taps on and gently washes her face being careful not to disturb the stitches. She lifts her head slightly as a normal routine to look in the mirror then stops herself as she remembers what people have told her - ‘‘Don’t look in the mirror’’
Lowering her head, tears fall again but this time in anger as she clenches her fists.
A voice echoes in her head
’‘Come on AJ, you are stronger than this.’'
She takes a breath and composes herself, making sure that she doesn’t worry her Cuz or Lyla or anyone else, leaving the bathroom walking back to the sofa, she attempts a smile at them both before laying down again. But that mask doesn’t last, the flashbacks and voices start again, a slight smirk appears this time instead of tears as ‘‘LA LALA LA LA LA’’ rings in her head.


AJ’s phone would beep with a text from Athra

“How are you feeling? Do you want company? I’d like to come check on you if its okay.”

AJ heard the vibration of her phone on the table in front of her, she lifted her head and seen the screen light up with Athra’s name, picking up the phone, she read the text and felt numb, she locked the screen unable to reply and laid back down.

A few hours passed and AJ needed to get out of the house. She stepped outside quietly not disturbing Lyla and Chris from their slumber. She walked to the city bar and met up with the members to talk to them. Being told that they already knew upset her slightly, she was the talk of the town, people talking about her but not to her apart from the most recent text. She needed time alone so she left them and went for a drive around the island, to feel the brisk air on her stinging skin. Her blood began to boil as she passed through Sandy and Grapeseed then began screaming, feeling lightheaded she turned around and headed back to her house to check on things. Arriving in her driveway, she parked the bike and went inside, pistol drawn, turning on the lights and clearing each room then checking the security on the windows - all clear. She took a deep breath and turned off the lights as she headed back outside but then she felt her phone vibrate again, this made her let out a screech and her back slammed against the wall, after what felt like hours but were only seconds she took the phone out and checked it, Chris was asking where she was, she replied then stood on the driveway waiting for him, pistol still in her hand. Chris arrived a minute later and she walked over to him and climbed on the back of the bike, hellos were exchanged as he rode them both towards Grapeseed, her nerves went, flashbacks came and went but she didn’t want to let him see her struggle. They arrived at the ranch, the slight smell of burnt chemicals and something she hadn’t smelt in a long time lingered in the air, Chris went inside to clear it then called her in, they walked through and getting to the basement door the smell was much stronger, she walked slowly downstairs. Her eyes widen at the sight of the burnt room and the 2 burnt bodies in the middle of the floor, Chris told her that he did this and wasn’t going to stop until THEY had been dealt with.

AJ couldn’t stop him even if she tried, he was much much stronger than he has ever been, more fearless, more dangerous - people who know what he was capable of before are going to think that was a fart in the wind compared to his new self.
They headed home and sat at the firepit, they talked about how AJ felt and he could tell she was feeling defeated, weak. Her words ‘‘These scars define me’’ cut through him because those scars were made by a ‘‘coward’’, he told her some harsh thruths and made sure she listened, which she did. She took off her mask and reached down into the firepit, took out a burning piece of wood, without hesitation she pressed the smoldering wood against her cheek, burning the stitched up carving of ‘ATHRA’ in her skin, not letting up even though the pain was unbearable, she let out a teeth clenched growl, a few tears fell from her eyes and then she began to feel invigorated, something she hadn’t felt in a long time, she had been passive for too long.
Chris watched, giving a nod of approval. ‘‘Good’’ he said… ‘‘Who are you?’’
AJ replied ‘‘AJ’’ a brief pause ‘‘The Weapon’’
Chris replied ‘‘What are you?’’
’‘THE WEAPON’’ AJ said vigorously and loud

And people were about to learn why it is her nickname