Adventures with Adrasteia Album 3

Meeting people


Hanging out

Proposal! @mikebison @Gengirl210


Getting away with @Eternity4990


Meeting Hakens friend Ryan, with @TophersRi


Water Adventures

@TophersRi, @Dank and @Dragan


Friday Shenanigans @TophersRi @Formulation @Dragan

Trying to get attention lol

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@Eternity4990 got a new ride!

At the foundry looking around

Hanging out at the car show

Races Afterward

I swear I did NOT bite @Eternity4990 XD

Hanging out @TophersRi @Gengirl210 @Eternity4990 @Dragan @ShesElectrick @mikebison


First Event!

Clips taken of me interacting with Grant Harris during my first event of Retaliation | Grant Harris | Obliviverse. User

Someone out talked Grant, give that man an award.

Don’t tell grant she dated his son

I love giggles trying to change the subject lol <3

Mabel and Athra walking in

Not the first meeting of Grant I was hoping for

I love that everyone just froze…

Such love

The Vampiress is the best behaved? The horror! LOL

Giggles LOL

Adrastia collared pt 1

Collared part 2

Collared Part 3

Collared Part 4

Collared Part 5

Vampstey was nicer LOL

Being taken care of later @Formulation


-_- Guess there is a first for everything… @Baby_Yoda @Formulation

@Eternity4990 cooking for athra for the first time, we tried chicken :slight_smile:

@Dank Realized Athras never been to the mountain before…road trip!

Meeting Zane

Trying coffee and a burrito. Then woof woof parks!

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