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United States Retakes Los Santos, Sends FIB to Crackdown on Powered Individuals
January 18th, 2020
Action Powers

Los Santos (CNN) - It’s official, Los Santos is once again part of the United States of America. Early last week the process started for the US government to reintegrate Los Santos back into the country and completed the entire process a few days ago. The quick and sudden change had many citizens shocked and bewildered not at only the change but the methods. President Joe Feelings’ household was stormed by US forces and he was forced out of office to be replaced with a bear.
The United States has also sent a team of special FIB agents, led by Agent Grant Harris, to Los Santos in an apparent effort to answer the problem of powered individuals. Eyewitnesses have said that joint FIB/LSPD task forces have been detaining and capturing citizens of Los Santos to determine if they are powered, and if so placing a power dampening collar around their necks as well as placing their information into a powered individual registry. Chaos News has reached out to FIB with numerous questions regarding these actions and their goals in the city but has yet to hear back.
LSPD shakeup.: The Los Santos Police Department has also experienced a large shake up as the FIB has captured ex-Chief/Sheriff Odessa Rider for yet to be announced reasons and is currently attempting to capture Assistant Chief Maria Bellucci as well as other senior officers. Agent Harris and the US government has placed James Badd in charge in Rider’s place.
Despite the cooperation of LSPD not all Los Santos citizens have embraced the new government or the idea of forced collars as reports of violence against the FIB have been coming up all around the city. Armed groups of people loosely calling themselves The Resistance have instigated multiple bloody firefights throughout Los Santos and even to the footsteps of the FIB building itself. Just nights ago local citizens of Blaine County told Chaos News that a large operation went down in the northern Alamo Sea that could have dozens of Resistance members and powered individuals either captured, dead or unknown. Chaos News has reached out to FIB for an official comment on this operation and has not heard back.

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Armed Citizens Attack and Destroy FIB Collar Shipment
January 21st, 2020
Action Powers

Los Santos (CNN) - Standing out in the cold night air of the Senora Desert, a group of armed individuals awaited patiently yet alert for the massive turboprop Titan to descend from the sky and make its delivery. The delivery; the controversial power dampening collar. The people; A joint task force comprised of the LSPD and the FIB with various advisors scattered about, and one reporter for Chaos News who was allowed to come along for this routine but incredibly risky mission.
The moon rose over the chunky rocks of the flat desert horizon and framed his face perfect as he began to speak. Special Agent in Charge Grant Harris would give a rousing speech to his men just as reports came in that others were arriving to the air strip out in the desert. The brave men and women of the FIB task force, whom had been described as ex-Navy Seals with hundreds of confirmed kills and others with horrific cat related tongue removing injuries jumped into action and formed a perimeter. One particularly imposing force was a woman with a large sci-fi looking weapon who was introduced as Lyla Wren. Lyla Wren is a powered individual who has taken up the cause to assist the United States government and their powered registration program.

“We are doing what we are doing to protect this nation.” - Grant Harris spoke to the task force just before the violence began.

The shots rang out just seconds after the Titan came to a stop on the tarmac. The FIB agents had opened fire on a vehicle sent into the line of armored vehicles brought along to protect and transport the cargo. We were then surrounded by gunfire. The group calling themselves the Resistance, later told to me to consist of criminal gangs and elements throughout the city banding together, had begun their assault on the convoy. A frightening ordeal for most saw the task force remain calm and combat their awkward and unorganized assaulters with patience and incredible skill. The Titan was ordered to take off to an undisclosed but previously planned secondary location.
The helicopter we took out was riddled with bullets and smoking, Agent Harris explained he expected this. Multiple locations are always set up in the case of being overrun as such. Initially the LSPD was not informed of the second airfield we went to and upon landing we met no resistance. The planes contents were unloaded with ease and we went to the second transfer point, the Port of Los Santos.
Harassed by the terrorist like Resistance the entire drive to the port, the prowess of the task force and their Talbot Ind. supplied armored vehicles proved to be the saving factor. We took gunfire down the entire freeway until the cowardly attackers broke off seeing the joint LSPD/FIB force awaiting them at the loading point. However, we were forced to remain stationary while the cargo was loaded into trucks which gave the Resistance members time to plan and conduct a second assault. Another firefight, one that saw this reporter shot in the thigh, broke out more intense than the first. Close quarters and loud the task force was blocked in. Only with the strength and superior firepower of, in my opinion, Lyla Wren was the task force able to break free and escape to the FIB headquarters.
Making the ultimate decision. Part of the task force was Agent Harris’ son Nathan, a self described criminal, a man who seemingly sacrificed his own body to help his fathers cause. Nathan was wounded and fell behind during the battle of Port of Los Santos. Acting without concern for himself Agent Harris went back by himself to rescue his son and bring him back safely.
FIB was a meat grinder. The Resistance knew where the collars were being taken to. They staged outside and waited like animals. The third firefight saw the task force forced to pull back as the armored trucks finally succumbed to the beating. Numerous exploded and took the contents with them. Later that night Agent Harris would tell me he expected to have lost roughly seventy percent of the collars they brought in. According to sources that is a loss of 150 million dollars US. While no official comment has been made there are rumors that some of the collars have made it out onto the street and intact as well.

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Deadly Fireworks Over Senora Desert
Military prototype stolen
January 25th, 2020
Action Powers

Sandy Shores (CNN) - A high powered military prototype aircraft was stolen the other night and used to create havoc in the skies above Sandy Shores. First reported by Fort Zancudo citizens were told to remain indoors and calm while the deadly helicopter roamed the skies over Sandy Shores airfield. Arriving on scene Chaos News saw firsthand the destructive capability when it opened fire a series of intensely hot lasers nearly striking the reporting crew.
The helicopter was seen deploying a device from its fuselage which focused an energy source onto the airfield which then began to open what could best be described as a portal. The occupant was unable to finish however as an LSPD buzzard showed up in an attempt to take the prototype down. LSPD officers on ground and air were forced back as the Buzzard was destroyed in mid air creating a fantastic explosion.A spokesmen for the LSPD said all officers were able to evacuate and are doing alright.
The scene came to a fiery end when LSPD used a surface to air missile on loan from Talbot Industries to destroy the prototype helicopter. Once on the ground police swarmed the burned out craft but found no pilot. In the distance a parachute was spotted and officers went to intercept. According to LSPD the pilot was not found and is still at large. The helicopter origins are unknown and how the assailant managed to get it is also unknown at this time.
Preliminary reports and rumors suggest the Resistance, the group aimed at defeating the FIB and the registration act, could have been behind his attack.

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Mission Row PD Destroyed!
Boris Reznikov tries to kill all Supers
January 28th, 2020
Action Powers

Los Santos (CNN) - The citizens of Los Santos were treated to another night of incredible violence and catastrophic destruction.
News that thought to be deceased violent arms dealer Boris Reznikov had planned to attack the FiB building for purposes unknown began in the early evening which prompted LSPD to send armored units in for protection. Mr. Reznikov would show up carrying Mayor Bear hostage along with a large retinue of armed individuals, prompting a meeting between himself and LSPD in the middle of the courtyard. LSPD agreed to disperse and allow Boris to enter the FiB building without resistance.
Inside the building Boris’ goals became clear as he began to overload the collars used to supress the powers of the Supers. It was his hopes to destroy every Super with a collar. A firefight ensued that saw Boris and a handful of his team escape from the rooftops with a number of hostages including the Mayor.
Later on in the evening at the docks Mr. Reznikov used Chaos News Networks own crew to film himself and two others outlining who they are and why they’re doing what they are. Police and other armed citizens showed up in an attempt to catch Boris who would escape. CNN later found out that a large number of Boris’ initial team turned on him upon finding out what his true intentions were.
The night concluded with Mr. Reznikov hovering over Mission Row Police Department in an attack helicopter, Mayor Bear tied to a pole outside and destroyed it in spectacular fashion before retreating to the Arcadius Building escaping on a shotaru bike. After one final gunfight Boris Reznikov and his associate Medivh were gunned down. Before police could apprehend and make medical assistance they were engulfed in light and vanished.
This is a developing story

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Flash News Report
February 4th, 2020
Action Powers

LSPD Shakeup
Mike Bison relieved as Deputy Chief of Police
Los Santos (CNN) - In a move was confirmed to Chaos News late yesterday by Chief Badd, Mike Bison has been ousted as Deputy Chief of Police. In his place will be 7 month veteran Vince Thompson. On the move Chief Badd had this say…

Re LSPD inquiry

Yes this true. These are ruff [sic] times and adjustments needed to be made in the best interest or [sic] the LSPD and the city.
James Badd

Deputy Chief Thompson confirmed his appointment shortly before but had no statement prepared at the time.

Joel Hauser murdered
Los Santos (CNN) - Reports have Joel Hauser, Lord of the Void, as being murdered by Lyla Wren. While Chaos News has gotten any official reports from the LSPD as of press time multiple eyewitness reports can independently confirm the news. CNN is awaiting to hear from Chief Badd on what the LSPD plans to do regarding this and Ms. Wren.

Gang Violence on the Rise
Supposed “Holdouts” to blame
Los Santos (CNN) - Gang violence is on the rise in the last couple of weeks according to reports and a social phenomenon known as “holdouts” is said to be the blame. The newest trend of violence is linked to business owners offering perks and benefits to gangs that offer protection to their buildings and surrounding lands. This has caused gunfights to break out at random within the city when gangs try to steal holdouts from rivals. Bystanders say LSPD is helpless to prevent these scenes as they are often outgunned and out manned. It would appear that for now the LSPD has simply taken a “let the animals kill each other” approach in these fights and become bystanders themselves.


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