A Bad Day to Sail

It was the early morning of September 12th, the day was young and the winds were just right. Life and business for Zane Sweedwater were going well, up until recently, with consistent sales and a booming new business in the city, and the ability to do what pleased him while still making others happy. It was all he really cared about.

Sweedwater decided he wanted to take an early morning sailing to Cayo Perico to take a short notice vacation after the previous day’s event. Not many close to Sweedwater knew what happened that day, knew nothing about him being thrown from the Diamond Casino, or about being blindfolded, cuffed, and thrown into a busy intersection. With houses burning and the powerful in the city feuding, Sweedwater didn’t want to interject his problems with the ones already spreading. But who was terrorizing Zane Sweedwater? And the bigger question, why? Not even Zane knew the answers to these questions. Afraid for his life, he packed his bags and went to the docks.

It was roughly 5 am in the morning. The city was just starting to wake up, but was still quiet enough you could hear the birds and the rolling waves of the ocean splashing up against the side of the docks. Zane prepared his sails, went over his checklist to make sure his boat was safe to sail. Everything checked out, and was safe for sailing. Zane then set his sails and started towards Cayo Perico. On his way out of the harbor, he passed a gentleman in a buggy on the beaches near LSIA, and proceeded to give a friendly blow of the boat’s horn greeting them. Zane thought to himself, “Maybe I should let someone know what is going on, or at the very least know that I am out sailing.” After a few minutes of contemplating, Zane decided he didn’t want to bother anyone in particular since they were all probably asleep, and sent out a tweet stating, “Wonderful mornin out on the open ocean!”. He figured it would be vague enough, but still inform anyone of what he is doing.

After about 2 hours of sailing of the 5 hour trip to Cayo Perico, Zane noticed that the back of his sailboat was taking on water. Not enough to be harmful yet, but enough for concern. He inspected the back of the boat, and found a punched hole in the shape of an X. It was about the size of a large coin. Luckily Zane kept pieces of tarp on hand for situations like this. He spent about 10 minutes trying to patch the hole with tarp and adhesive. For the most part he was successful in patching the oddly shaped hole, with only a small stream still coming through. Exhausted from his efforts to quickly patch the hole, he sits down to have a snack and opens twitter. For shits and giggles, and for a slight hope that someone would see it just in case, Zane tweeted that his ship was still taking on some water.

After a few minutes, Zane decides to start up again towards the island. Another hour or so goes by, and Zane is more than half of the way to Cayo Perico. While the boat was still sailing, he decided to go down into the captain’s quarters to make a sandwich. After doing so, he comes back out onto the deck to see 4 purple seasharks and one stark black dingy heading towards him quickly. Zane quickly pulls out his phone and sends a short tweet, “Uh oh.”.

It has been a day or so since this happened. Zane Sweedwater seems to be in the city, but is it really Sweedwater? Or perhaps someone is adopting his identity? What happened out there on the ocean, and where is the Sweedwater we all know?