90 | DOS Nyx

Tickets / Investigations:

  • Independent Reports / Self Report - Metagaming, Toxicity, Abuse of Game Mechanics, Misrepresentation, Powergaming
    – Nyx and DCPlaya as Mustachio and Dave shot down then used the shoulder mechanic to kidnap a police officer from a scene. They then subsequently abused the shoulder mechanic to transport the ALSing officer to the Arcadius building. They held the cop who was on ALS timer for ransom, placing the police in a powergaming situation where they had no real choice other than to pay. After Dave escaped, they entered Arcadius and knocked out Mustachio, taking back their officer.
    – Powergaming, Abuse of a Game Mechanic
    – Some hours later Nyx changed characters to Classic Joker, and played out the same scenario again because he was angry about being knocked out, to teach the cops a lesson. He kidnapped another officer, which abused the shoulder mechanic. The purpose was to take them hostage and ransom them, involved DC Playa once again as Dave, and succeeded in the scenario.
    – Powergaming, Metagaming, Toxicity
    – After the incident concluded Nyx sent a DM to NorPanda, indicating that he had done these things to train the police department and show them how to deal with kidnappings. Nyx is not a police admin, nor was this a staff sanctioned event, nor did he have the power to ensure no one would ALS or lose anything.
    – Misrepresentation of Staff Actions

Investigative Team
Kain, Katiya, Havenbreaker, Rant, Ganksupreme

DOS Nyx has been a player in good standing for over two years, without incurring a single rulebreak in that time. Evaluating the severity of the rulebreaks which occurred today, against his history as a contributing and positive community member, the investigative team came to the conclusion a one week ban, in addition to indefinite suspension from the admin team to be evaluated at a future time was the most appropriate course of action.

(1) Week Ban
Indefinite suspension from admin team

Additional Note
Due to the outcome of this incident, the advent of the shoulder mechanic, and fears of situations like this evolving; over the next few weeks the admins will lay out a new section of the rules to deal specifically with kidnappings.

Tickets / Investigations:

  • Admin Observed / Self Report - Misuse of Admin Powers
    – Nyx was hanging out with some players on the server, while also drinking and having a good time. He got careless with his admin powers, summoned vehicles the players asked him to so they could test them out and have fun, then escalated into loading weaponized vehicles and banned vehicles like the Oppressor2, etc. No one was harmed, but this was a strict violation of admin policy.

Investigative Team
Kain, Linvala

DOS Nyx is a very highly contributing member of the community, and the admin team. We see no reason to fire him or suspend him from the team for having a little fun. However we do not want him misusing admin permissions, so at this time he will lose all in game permissions until some future time when and if we decide to re-evaluate the situation.

Tickets / Investigations:

  • #828 | Fail RP - DosNyx(Mustacio) along with Misstachio were being taken to boilingbroke. Thorgrim had un-cuffed Dos. Once Dos was un-cuffed he turned around and started punching the cops while they waited for him to talk to the prison guard. This is FailRP because its a prison and the guards are going to have guns pointed at them because they are dangerous criminals.

Investigative Team
Viola, Hito, and Kain

36 Hour ban.