758 | Zhanluan

Tickets / Investigations:

  • Admin Observed / Self Report
    – Exploitation of a Game Mechanic

As her AJ Character, Zhan was shown that the foundry was granting a disproportionate amount of experience points during the Double XP / Double BP Event, additionally the laundry was granting a disproportionate amount of experience. She neglected to report this and (wrongfully) assumed the experience values were intended.

Investigative Team
Kain, Linvala, Lux

Admin Summary
As a former admin and 2+ year veteran of the community, Zhanluan should know our developmental policies and levelling / xp policies far better than to of thought the experience was intended. Zhanluan’s last ticket was in February 2019, for participating in a tackle fight that raised stamina. She is considered a positive member of the community. Zhan took her punishment and insisted she be lowered to 17 not 20. She was not combative what so ever and was open to any punishment the admins deemed fit.

Demoted from level 22 to level 17.
Force respecced and re-levelled to eliminate extra build points.