580 | CelticWarrior1988

Tickets / Investigations:

  • Admin Observed / Self Report
    – Exploitation of a Game Mechanic

As his Patrick Oppenheimer character, Patrick discovered the foundry was giving enormous experience points when he was smelting, as he regularly did. He shared this information with two other players, then went to work. He did not share this information with the admins, nor report it as a bug even though it was far, far out of the norm for the experience a player would normally gain.

Investigative Team
Kain, Linvala, Lux

Admin Summary
As a 2+ year member of the community, criminal, civilian and law enforcement officer player, Celtic should of been fully aware the experience was not as intended. As someone that works to drive storyline, features (through his custom shop, and PDM), and diligently works to provide content for criminals as his cop Colt O’Neil. He did not gain any levels, nor exploit and continually use the foundry.
He is considered a positive member of the community. Celtic accepted his punishment and took full responsibility for his actions, he was immensely sorry for the confusion and a pleasure to deal with.

Disfavor from Sunday 10/18 - Thursday 10/22