1867 | MeepMurp

Tickets / Investigations:

  • 798 & 799 Toxicity, New Life Rule, Breaking Character, RDM, NVL
    – Though a series of encounters with the police department, Meep’s character Doug RDMed, harassed and generally made an incredibly negative atmosphere for the police on the server through a 5 hour period. This culminated in him attempting to run over a police officer, then breaking character and going on a OOC tirade toward everyone involved when he was gunned down.

Investigative Team
Kain, Lux, Ganksupreme, Elfen, Mitchie

MeepMurp has been very angry, quick to trigger and toxic lately. He has continually found himself displeased with the decisions of the PD, both IC and OOC as well as the general environment of the server. We find it’s best if he takes some time away to gather himself and re-evaluate his thoughts on RP.

(2) Week Ban

Tickets & Investigations:

  • 836 - RDM - Doug had pulled up to red garage and was being followed up the stairs by John Smith. Ricardo followed as well. Doug then shot at Ricardo without initiating initially but later followed with “this is what you get for snitching”.

Investigative Team
Viola, Ganksupreme, Lambeau, Mitchie

Verbal warning - MeepMurp realized he was in the wrong and was apologetic.