1609 | Infinity / Reed Mason

Tickets / Investigations:

  • 359 - Metagaming, Stream Sniping
  • 504 - Toxicity
    – Report and Hearings stemming from complaints of 2x Ballas - Toxicity in the form of attempting to manipulate org members against other community members OOC. Investigation discarded due to lack of hard evidence.
  • 675 - Metagaming, Targetted Harassment, Toxicity, New Life Rule
    – Witch hunted ganksupreme, ChrisWoW, Zhanluan, Kain Tepes, Luxily and DefiantReaper. Utilized Discord DMs to gaslight and manipulate another community member into using meta information, NLR and coordinated OOC information, resulting in the permban of the other community member. 13 hours of investigation time and interviews.
  • 708 - Metagaming, Toxicity
    – Report and Hearings stemming from complaints of 3x Vagos - Toxicity in the form of inciting inner-organization drama, drama between the organization and other organizations OOC. Reported directly to staff, ticket opened subsequently. 4 hours of investigation time and interviews.
  • Admin Observed extremely toxic outbursts during any PVP win or lose. In particular toward members of Bratva / Talbot over a year long period.
  • 796 - OOC Harassment, Witch Hunting, Toxicity
    – Witch Hunting of Moodster in stream as well as community members DMs.
    – Harassment of Kain in reference to a 48 hour ban from 1 year and 3 months ago for NLR and behavior unfitting of an admin. Absolute refusal to admit any wrongdoing in harassing Moodster earlier in the day when contacted by Kain.

Investigative Team
Vi, Haven, Rant, Nyx, ChrisWoW*, Zhanluan*, Kain*, Kat*

  • Previous incidents.

Due to the near constant toxicity, his utter and absolute lack of accountability for his own actions. His own self professed disdain and hatred for this community, it’s administrators, and ownership. The consistent and constant negative reactions to anything PvP, win, or loss oriented, and his disturbing and concerning recollections of past events that don’t align with reality. The discipline team finds the only course of action is a permanent ban. It is the only viable way to protect the community and it’s staff.