1126 | Shifty

Tickets / Investigations:

  • Admin Observed
    – Exploitation of a Game Mechanic

As his character Gordon the Penguin, Shifty used the money laundering facility to gain massive experience during the Double XP event while it was malfunctioning. He did not report this to admins or submit a bug report, and leveraged it to gain around 5 levels.

Investigative Team
Kain, Linvala, Lux

Admin Summary
Shifty has been in the community for nearly two years, and has always been a positive force in the community, and never been in trouble. He is considered a role model and positive player, and strongly contributes his own ideas and thoughts on things that should happen, systems and mechanics. Shifty weighed his options on if he should take the level demotion, or the disfavor and the - BPs. He was not combative or disrespectful in the conversation.

Demoted from level 26 to level 22.
Force respecced and re-levelled to eliminate extra build points.