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Tickets / Investigations:

  • Admin Observed / Self Report
    – Combat Logging

As his character Isaiah Harper, Kain started a heist while Celticwarrior and Kuzler on their cops arrived on scene. After finishing he hopped onto a bike, to which Celtic and Kuzler attempted to stop him. Past this incident Kain downed one Cop and was downed by another Cop, to which he logged out of combat, Kain immediately reported this incident to the admin team.

Investigative Team
Hito, Lux, Eternity

24 hour ban. Given the circumstances and the fact Kain combat logged to prevent getting upset to the point of an outburst which likely would have included many more rule breaks on his part, we appreciate and see his reasoning and had this been a case against a non-staff member we likely would have only gave a warning at this time.